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Carrie Underwood‘s new video for “See You Again” includes a montage of moving images of loved ones both reuniting and saying goodbye. There are also tributes in the clip to those lost in the Sandy Hook school shootings and the recent Oklahoma tornadoes.  What there isn’t, is a single storyline running through the video. Carrie says that was intentional.

“We didn’t want it to be one specific story,” Carrie explains. “Those are always the best songs, the best movies, the best things when people kind of fill in the gaps themselves, and it can mean something different to each person that hears it.”

Since the song and video are so open-ended, Carrie’s fans are applying “See You Again” to whatever situation they’re facing at the moment.  She says, “I’ve been hearing the most amazing stories on what it means to different people, and it means different things.”

“See You Again” is the latest single from Carrie’s platinum-selling album, Blown Away.

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