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(WEST HARTFORD, Conn.) — Sharon Flannery had a bear of a morning on Wednesday.

The West Hartford, Conn., mom was surprised to find a 200-pound black bear chasing after her dog, which managed to get inside Flannery’s house before it became breakfast.

However, the bear, which had strolled onto Flannery’s property with her two cubs, was persistent and tried to get inside the house too.  Fearing for her life and that of her terrier, Flannery kicked the bear in the snout, sustaining puncture wounds and scratches to her leg in the process.

The bears then scrambled up a tree while Flannery called police.  The cops showed up along with officials from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to euthanize the mother bear while determining that the cubs were old enough to be set free into the wild.

The dead bear was also not rabid, obviously a relief to Flannery, who says she would have done the same thing over again, adding, “I can tell you the only thought going through my head was like, this bear is not getting into my house.  It is not getting into my house.”

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