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The title of Eric Church‘s platinum-selling album, Chief, was also the nickname of Eric’s late grandfather, who was the chief of police in their hometown of Granite Falls, NC for nearly three decades. If you’ve ever seen Eric in concert, you know he has a wild side, too. That outlaw streak comes from the other side of Eric’s family, the Stillwells, who served as the inspiration for Eric’s debut album title, Sinners Like Me.

“They were rough and did a lot of fighting—drunk fighting,” Eric tells Playboy. “The Stillwells were big, like, six-foot-six and six-foot-seven. They would get drunk and beat up everybody in a bar.”

It turns out Chief was a boxer when he served in the Navy, and he used those skills to take down the big, drunk Stillwells during those bar fights.

Says Eric, “He’d beat up the Stillwells, get them in cuffs, put them in jail, and when they sobered up, he’d let them go. So yeah, I am from a long line of sinners.”

Eric is currently writing and recording the follow-up to Chief. You can keep up with his limited tour schedule this summer at EricChurch.com.

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