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Taylor Swift played out the plot of her song “Speak Now” in Tuesday night’s season finale of the Fox comedy New Girl.  That is to say, she interrupted a wedding in the biggest way possible, by running off with the groom.

In the episode, Cece and Shivrang were just about to get married when Cece revealed she was in love with somebody else — Schmidt — and couldn’t go through with it.  But instead of being upset, Shivrang said he had no problem with it, because he was in love with someone else, too: Elaine, played by Taylor.

“I have tried to forget you, Elaine, but really, I just can’t,” said Shivrang.  “And I don’t care what my family says. I want to marry you — in a Presbyterian church!” 

“Oh Shivvy,” replied Taylor-as-Elaine. “I’ve loved you since the first grade, and I’m so lonely without you, I just lie awake, and I just write in my journal, and I paint pictures of you on my easel.” 

“I want our children to be photographers and backpack across Europe,” gushed Shivrang, to which Taylor-as-Elaine replied, “Will you take me away from this madness? And you are not too short for me, I don’t care what your mother says!”

Shivrang then ran over and scooped up Taylor-as-Elaine. “Let’s go to Vegas and elope!” she said.  No wonder the episode was titled “Elaine’s Big Day.”

On Tuesday night, Taylor tweeted, “About to watch the New Girl season finale and I totally would be even if I wasn’t in this episode.”

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