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(PHILADELPHIA) — The jury considering the murder case against controversial Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is deadlocked on two charges.

The jurors alerted the judge Monday, their tenth day of deliberations.

Gosnell is charged with the deaths of four babies and one woman. He could face the death penalty if convicted of the most serious charges.

According to ABC affiliate WPVI-TV, the judge has asked the jury to try to reach a unanimous verdict. It was not clear which of the more than 200 counts in the case, which include racketeering, had deadlocked the jury.

Gosnell, 72, is accused of performing late term abortions on four babies who were born live, but then allegedly killed by Gosnell, who is accused of snipping their spines with scissors. He is also accused of killing a female patient by giving her a lethal dose of sedatives and pain killers.

For two months, the jury heard often grisly testimony, including from members of Gosnell’s staff.

Gosnell ran the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia for decades.

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