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It seems Neil Perry’s love of photography may have become a bone of contention within The Band Perry.

“We have to watch Neil with the pictures,” Reid says, “…cause sometimes he’ll take one on his phone and without asking if he can tweet it he’ll just go ahead.”  Kimberly Perry agrees, calling Instagram “our new danger zone.”

“I pretty much have to get them to sign like a release,” Neil says. “You know, a contract that lets me tweet a picture of them. It’s ridiculous.”  However, Neil admits he may have posted some rather un-glamorous photos that led to the new policy.

“Unfortunately this is because of experience that we’ve had to put some rules into place,” Kimberly says.  “Like photos of them sleeping on planes with their mouths open,” Neil adds.

You can check out some of Neil’s approved photos in the CD booklet for The Band Perry’s new CD, Pioneer.

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