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(WASHINGTON) — Police dogs have tracked the scent of a missing 83-year-old grandmother to a stretch of parkland near Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., where she was last seen over the weekend.

Victoria Kong, who may have a form of dementia, according to family members, was captured on video arriving at the airport from Barbados on Friday afternoon, according to police.

She was last seen “walking north on the Mount Vernon trail toward Gravelly Point,” according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department.

“She may look confused…and disoriented…and weak,” Kong’s granddaughter, Alexandria Anderson, said, according to ABC affiliate WJLA-TV.

The plan was for Kong to be met by airline agents with a wheelchair before deplaning, but she instead left the plane on foot alone.

Video cameras captured her Friday evening standing near a line of taxis outside the airport, and then heading north, according to WJLA.

“We have been up and down the trails…in and out of the airport,” said another of Kong’s granddaughters Kalisse Anderson.

“We are still prayerful…we are still holding the faith…we love her so much and we just want her to be with us,” she said.

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