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Kenny Chesney‘s new album, Life on a Rock, hits stores this week featuring the uptempo hit “Pirate Flag,” and a lot of other songs Kenny never thought would see the light of day. He wrote the highly introspective songs, including “Happy on the Hey Now (A Song for Kristi)” over the last few years, and that song in particular pays tribute to a friend of his, named Kristi, who passed away unexpectedly. She was in Kenny’s circle of friends in the Virgin Islands along with a singer/songwriter named Gretchen Rhodes.

Speaking of Gretchen, Kenny says, “She sat on a stool and played guitar in a lot of these bars down there, and she was really good friends with me and really good friends with Kristi. She was just a huge part of that circle of friends, and now she lives in Maui.”

In order to connect “Happy on the Hey Now” directly to Kristi, Kenny decided to get their mutual friend Gretchen to sing on the track.

Look for Kenny to perform NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday.

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