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Kacey Musgraves is celebrating Record Store Day in London Saturday with a performance at the Slipped Discs record shop.  She’s currently across the pond promoting her debut project, Same Trailer Different Park, but Kacey didn’t want to miss the chance to support independent records stores.  

A big part of Record Store Day is the celebration of listening to music on vinyl, and Kacey’s debut album is available on that format.  It turns out Kacey was exposed to the joy of listening to records early in life thanks to her grandpa, who she calls “Pop.”

“He literally just like loves to buy vinyl,” Kacey tells ABC News Radio. “Garage sales, Goodwill, quarter, nickel, dollar whatever.  He picks it up even if he’s never heard of the artist.  So, he’s over the years acquired all these vinyls.  It’s just like this big, massive library.”

As Kacey got older, her grandfather let her pick out albums to listen to on a little record player he set up for her.

She says, “It was just cool because none of my other friends had that, and it gave me access to older music that I would have never heard otherwise.  I’m an old soul anyway.  I just, I love music from, especially the ’60s for some reason.  I’m really inspired by that.”

Kacey’s grandfather recently gave her a sealed copy of the BeatlesAbbey Road album, and her current collection includes a lot of vintage country vinyl from the likes of Marty Robbins and Glen Campbell.  Kacey’s also a big fan of the vinyl version of Lee Ann Womack‘s CMA Award-winning album, There’s More Where That Came From.

Says Kacey, “That is a beautiful country record, and it just belongs on vinyl.”

Her collection includes some modern sounds too.  She adds, “Somebody just gave me a Nicki Minaj “Super Bass” hot pink vinyl, and that’s really cool.  So, it’s kind of all over the map.”

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