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Pistol AnniesAngaleena Presley, Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert have taken on the alter egos Holler Annie, Hippie Annie and Lonestar Annie, respectively, while working together, and now those alter egos are going on the Great Annies Adventure.

Fans participating in the Annies’ online community, The Henhouse, will be able to take part in the group’s interactive, online graphic novel, Pistol Annies and the Case of the Stolen Gear.  The project is part of the promotional effort leading up to the release of the trio’s sophomore project, Annie Up, on May 7.

In the graphic navel, Holler Annie, Hippie Annie and Lonestar Annie must work together to overcome their arch enemy, Cassius Banks — the dastardly CEO of Vanilla Records — and his band, The One Tones.  Cassius is looking to strip the Annies of their musical talent and steal their gear, and the Annies’ fan community can help the girls find their lost gear using clues revealed in real time on multiple social networks including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr, Foursquare, Path, Pinterest and more.

After fans find the actual items in secret locations, new merchandise and online content will be unlocked for The Henhouse, including vinyl records, clothes from the Annies’ photo shoot, personal notebooks, video content and much more.

The grand prize includes a flyaway opportunity to join the adventure and see the Pistol Annies perform a concert in a secret location.  For further details, go to PistolAnnies.com.

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