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Chris Cagle says his new single, “Dance Baby Dance,” is the result of three fathers coming together and getting a little sentimental about their kids. He wrote the song with the Warren Brothers, who both have children as well.

The inspiration for the song came after Chris’s daughter Stella begged him to play with her, when he’d just come in from a long day working on his farm.  This was the week we wrote this,” Chris recalls. “I sat down on this couch and I was like ‘Baby you dance, Daddy’s tired.’ And I put on some music, and she was doing her little dance.”

However, Chris soon changed his mind.  “I remember thinking ‘You better get your ass up and dance with this little girl, ‘cause one day, it ain’t gonna be cool to dance with daddy anymore.’”

“Dance Baby Dance” is from Chris’s latest CD, Back in the Saddle.

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