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Brad Paisley likes the concept of “wheelhouse”so much that he named both his home studio and his new CD after it.  But, he admits, at first he didn’t know exactly what it meant.

“I like to throw big words around, and sometimes I get ’em right,” he jokes.

Initially, Brad thought it had something to do with automobiles.  But Brad finally found out the word is best known for its use in America’s pastime.

“I always just pictured sort of the wheel well of a car,” he says. “And then I realized it was baseball, and what they’re talking about is the strike zone and the area where when you follow through on the sort of circular motion of a swing that you’ll hit the ball the best.”

You actually hear Brad sing the lyric in his hit “Southern Comfort Zone.”

“I had said, ‘When your wheelhouse is the land of cotton,’ I said, ‘That feels like that’s the name of the record, Wheelhouse,’ because this is all about exploring my comfort zone and what am I comfortable doing and what am I uncomfortable doing and let’s see if I can make that now something that’s within this wheelhouse of mine.”

On this record, Brad stretches past his comfort zone, producing the record himself, a first for Brad.  Wheelhouse is new in stores today.

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