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(LOS ANGELES) — Two lost hikers were rescued after spending over four days lost in the woods near Los Angeles without food or water.

18-year old Kyndall Jack and 19-year-old Nicholas Cendoya had gone hiking on Easter Sunday, and gotten horribly lost. The two got separated at some point during the days they were missing, but both were found within hours of each other.

Authorities were alerted to Jack’s presence after some other hikers heard her screaming on Thursday. It took rescuers over 90 minutes to safely get Jack down from the narrow ledge on the cliff she was positioned on.

Deputy Fred Wenzel was the first to reach Jack.

“She asked me what year it was,” Wenzel said. “She thought it was the year 2030. She was very confused.”

Jack was taken to the hospital, where she is recovering, but is expected to stay through the weekend for treatment.

Cendoya had been picked up earlier on Wednesday night after being found by a group of hikers. Cendoya was disoriented and dehydrated as well.

“Apparently he thought he was in Newport Beach at one point,” one of the volunteers who helped rescue him said “So he was just really out of it.”

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