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(ST. HELENS, Ore.) — Why try to raffle off a sports car when you can make a quick buck by selling tickets for a chance to win an AR-15 assault rifle?

Officials with a girl’s softball league in St. Helens, Ore., made a fast $2,000 by doing just that.

The winner of the raffle, which will be drawn this weekend, will also receive a magazine and ammunition.

Officials with the league in St. Helens countered criticism of the fundraising event by stressing that all 330 tickets were sold by adult coaches.

Still, some people are perturbed by the prize, including parent Betty Bund, who at first thought it was a joke.

Bund added, “I can’t deny its success.  It was a very successful.  And, you know what, they can do it 20 more times and it would be.  But, at the cost of how your community feels, is it worth it?”

However, Devin Degraffenreid, the league board president, doesn’t see what all the fuss is about, admitting when the idea was first raised, “We said ‘you know what?  Let’s try it.  You know, let’s just see what happens.'”

Degraffenreid also said that the winner will have to undergo a background check before taking home the AR-15.

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