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Pistol Annies have revealed the track listing and cover art for their new album, Annie, Up, due out May 7. If the song titles are any indication, this project seems sure to continue the often humorous and always honest writing style the group used on their 2011 debut, Hell on Heels.

In addition to the lead single, “Hush Hush,” Annie Up also features the provocatively titled tracks “I Feel a Sin Comin’ On,” “Dear Sobriety” and “Unhappily Married.”

One song that sticks out to the girls is “Being Pretty Ain’t Pretty,” which was inspired by a tweet from band member Ashley Monroe about buying a lot of make-up and make-up wipes to take it all off.

Her band mate Angaleena Presley says, “Women are warriors and we go into battle everyday with the stuff we wear.” The group’s Miranda Lambert adds, “You spend all this money for make-up and eyelashes and spray tanners just to wipe it all off at the end of the night.”

The new Pistol Annies album will be available on vinyl as well as CD and digital download. There’s a good chance Miranda will stock the Pistol Annies vinyl at her Pink Pistol store in Oklahoma too. For Miranda, both Pistol Annies and her retail shop are part of her long range plan to build an empire like one of her heroes, Dolly Parton.

“That’s what I’ve always wanted is to just be an entrepreneur and just keep going and going,” Miranda explains, “and not necessarily physically keep going and going, but I just want to use my music and my career and what I’ve built for greater things and get bigger and bigger and bigger ideas and just always find things that inspire me.”

Pistol Annies’ new album release comes as Miranda continues to climb the country charts with her solo hit, “Mama’s Broken Heart,” but she’s not worried her work with the group will take away from her solo career.

She says, “That project inspires me more as an individual artist, and I think that’s a good thing to just always keep growing.”

Here’s the Annie Up track listing:

“I Feel a Sin Comin’ On”
“Hush Hush”
“Being Pretty Ain’t Pretty”
“Unhappily Married”
“Loved by a Workin’ Man”
“Blues, You’re a Buzz Kill”
“Don’t Talk About Him, Tina”
“Trading One Heartbreak for Another”
“Dear Sobriety”
“Damn Thing”
“Girls Like Us”
“I Hope You’re the End of My Story”

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