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Luke Bryan has the #1 album in the country right now with Spring Break…Here to Party, a compilation of his Spring Break EPs from the last few years. While that project tops the charts, Luke is also in the studio working on the proper follow up to his third album, tailgates & tanlines, which catapulted Luke to headliner status. So, how is Luke approaching this new project?

He says, “Well, with every album, the approach is find the best songs you can find, write the best songs you can write.  Try to sing ’em better, sound better.  What can we do differently?  What little simple thing is gonna be the difference of this album sounding a lot better than the last one.”

Luke thinks he’s on the right track in the studio right now, but he is looking for that missing something to take the new project over the top.  He won’t get too specific about what that missing something is though.

“There’s one style of song that I think I’m missing right now that I want to sit down and try to write or try to find,” Luke says.  “I think if we find that one style of song, then I think we’re golden and home free on being leaps and bounds better than tailgates & tanlines.”

One of the things Luke knows he’s got going for him this go-round is experience as a studio singer.  When he recorded his 2007 debut project, I’ll Stay Me, Luke just went in and sang as loud as he could in the studio.

He says, “Now I’ve really learned that each song and the style of delivering it — there’s so many things that I’ve learned different.  I think it’s finally all coming together, and I’m proud of that.”

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