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Carrie Underwood gave a rather interesting interview to The Guardian while in the U.K. for a run of shows opening up about everything from her college sorority to how growing up on a farm with cows led her to be a vegetarian.

Carrie was a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, and her concerts have now become a meeting place for her sorority sisters around the country.

“I see my sorority sisters from other colleges, which is really cool,” Carrie says.

As for her sorority experience, Carrie says, “We always had a float in the parades and we always went to the football and basketball games together and that made college more bearable.”

Carrie also spoke about her childhood helping tend the cows on the farm.  When her dad was gone, Carrie and her mother had to go and get the cows back in the pasture when a fence was broken on the property.  Watching her parents castrate a bull and also seeing the separation anxiety the cows went through when some of them went to slaughter helped convince Carrie to go vegetarian.

She says of the cows, “They would cry for each other for a couple of days.  That’s why I don’t eat meat.”

Carrie also addressed the rumors of a rivalry between Taylor Swift and herself in the interview saying, “People love girl drama.”

She points to the rivalry between fictional characters Juliette Barnes and Rayna James on ABC’s Nashville as an example of why it’s hard to be a female act in country music.

“There’s not that many females in the business,” she says. “There are way more men.  It’s a lot harder to make it, so if anything we should all be really supportive.  I don’t know, it just makes for good headlines I guess.”

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