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Pistol Annies returns with their second album, Annie Up, on May 7. The title was inspired by the trio’s feeling they’d laid it all on the line with their 2011 debut, Hell on Heels.

The group’s Ashley Monroe says, “We put all our musical chips on the table, so we thought  Annie Up was a good title.”

As for what fans can expect on Annie Up, Ashley’s band mate Miranda Lambert adds, “The goal of our music is to have people feel like they’re having a conversation with us.”

The songwriting conversation never stops between Ashley, Miranda and the trio’s third member Angaleena Presley. In fact, they wrote the new song “Unhappily Married” last summer at the CMA Music Festival while getting ready to go onstage.

The first single from Annie Up is “Hush Hush,” and the Annies were inspired to write it after coming back from the holidays. Each of the ladies had a horrible experience back home, so they decided to capture it in “Hush Hush.”

“It’s about the truth,” Angaleena says. “The truth is so much easier than lie on top of lie on top of secrets,” said Angaleena. “The truth will set you free.”

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