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Lee Brice and his fiancé Sara now live in Nashville, but she originally hails from Ohio. Lee is a native of Sumter, SC, so why are they tying the knot in Branson, MO next month? It turns out that city holds some history for the couple.

“Her aunt lives there,” Lee tells ABC News Radio. “We actually spent some time there together and had some of our beginnings there together.”

He adds, “It was kind of the beginning of us kind of rekindling things and starting back up again.”

Lee and Sara actually got back together a few years ago after going through a breakup. They have a young son named Takoda.

Having the wedding in Branson also means the couple will know everyone at the wedding instead of having to deal with extended family in their hometowns or music industry types in Nashville.

Lee says with a laugh, “We were like, you know what? Let’s just go there, and that way if people can’t come, they can’t come.”

Guests who do make it to the wedding are in for a fun time at the reception thanks to Lee’s chosen wedding entertainment, the Chris Weaver Band. Lee describes the group’s front man saying, “He kinda has a Joe Cocker thing about him, and he’s just killer.”

Sara has a few things in mind for the actual ceremony, and Lee expects that part of the wedding to be really simple.

“She’ll be beautiful,” he says. “That’s all that will matter.”

Lee adds that he expects to cry during the wedding too.

“If I don’t, there’s something wrong, ’cause I cry at every wedding it seems like I go to.”

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