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Thompson Square‘s new video for “If I Didn’t Have You” is easily their most intense to date with the duo’s Keifer and Shawna Thompson surviving a car accident in the clip.  At different points in the video, Shawna is either lying in bed injured or appearing in ghost form in the room as Keifer sings to her in bed.

“Personally, I think I deserve an Oscar for my coma acting,” Shawna tells ABC News Radio with a laugh.  “I mean, no, I had it real easy that day.  All I had to do was my performance bit.”

But she gives credit to Keifer for showing off some impressive acting skills at the shoot.

Says Shawna, “He pulled out all the stops with the tears and all that stuff.  He did good.  I was proud of him.”

While getting ready to film the video, Keifer called on some acting advice from one of the masters.

He says, “I think it was Robert De Niro, I heard him say one time, ‘The best actors don’t act,’ and so you just try to put yourself in the situation that you’re in and whatever character you’re in.”

Producing those tears and displaying anger wasn’t much of a stretch for Keifer though.

“That was very easy for me to do on this because the lyric of the song, and the fact that we wrote the song,” Keifer explains.  “So, when I’m sitting there looking at Shawna all beat to hell in bed and stuff, if you just take a moment just to think, ‘If this was real.'”

Crying on camera was a little bit harder for Keifer when he was acting opposite Shawna’s body double.

“We had to call in the onion for that,” he says.

“If I Didn’t Have You” is the lead single from Thompson Square’s sophomore album, Just Feels Good, due out March 26.

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