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Jason Aldean played his first concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden Saturday night in front of a sold-out crowd.  Though he’s heard about the iconic venue his entire life, Jason had never even set foot inside the Garden until he arrived there to headline his own show.

“I’d never played it as an opening act or anything,” Jason explains.  “So, my first time playing there was my own show, which was great.”

Jason was feeling really good about his accomplishment until he saw a banner hanging up inside the Garden.

“It says, ‘Elton John 62.’  And I’m like, ‘What does that mean?'” Jason says.  “Well, apparently he’s sold out 62 shows there, so it made my little one show not seem so cool anymore.”

Though he’s got a lot of work to do before he catches up with Elton, Jason hopes to return for another sold-out show at the Garden very soon.  Performing for all those fans made Jason realize just how many fans live in and around New York City.

He says, “[It] kind of opened my eyes to the fact that maybe that’s something we need to take a harder look at, and try to go back there a little more.”

Jason has another big show coming up Monday, March 11 at the Houston Rodeo in Texas.

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