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When Randy Houser was rushed to the hospital last week in Las Vegas, some fans were understandably concerned. But Randy says there was really no reason to worry.

“I was in four time zones within like four days, and I had been on the road. Your body can only handle so much,” he says. “That’s all it was to it. I got exhausted.”

Randy admits he was also pretty keyed up to play Sin City.

“I was really excited about having my big night in Vegas for one night, and I went and played the show and I was excited to go out and go play some cards. I went back to my room ’cause I was short of breath, and I laid there for awhile, and I thought, ‘I can’t just lay here and do this. I need to go get checked out.’”

Since the emergency room doctor insisted he rest for a day, Randy was forced to cancel his subsequent date.

The “How Country Feels” hitmaker is now back at 100 percent, and his Ogden, Utah date has been rescheduled for April.

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