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Little Big Town’s current single, album and tour may all be called Tornado, but the foursome says you haven’t really seen a twister until you witness their kids backstage.

“It’s like a circus, man,” Jimi Westbrook says. “Now you know why we drink,” Karen Fairchild jokes. “No, we love it so much, but it’s insane back there.”

While Jimi suggests the stage may be the only place the collective parents of three get any peace, the band does have a rule: No children in their dressing rooms after supper.

For Karen and Kimberly Schlapman, that means some girl time. “Sometimes we’re in there giggling and sometimes we’re in there about to cry,” Kimberly confesses. “It’s a very special, very intimate time because we are the only ones in our lives who go through what we go through. We have very similar lives, and really we can only identify with each other.”

For the guys, it’s not quite so touchy-feely. “They write songs with dirty lyrics,” Karen accuses. “We write, ridiculous, stupid songs,” Jimi admits.

Monday night is likely to be a kid-free zone, as Little Big Town performs on the Late Show with David Letterman.

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