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Blake Shelton made a guest appearance as Reba‘s brother on ABC’s Malibu Country Friday night, and he is open to the idea of making that role a recurring one. The only drawback is how much time it takes to film an episode of a sitcom.

“It ties you into L.A. for a week,” Blake says. “You do a read-through on a Friday, and then you rehearse Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and film it Thursday, and you’re right back doing the next show the next day.”

Still, Blake thinks it would be fun to return to the Malibu Country set since he had such a great time filming his first episode.

He says,  “It was amazing to just see that world and see how they work. It’s a lot of just goofing off, but you’ve got to be a good goofer to do it right, and they’ve got the right ones.”

As for the possibility of getting his own sitcom someday, Blake can’t really see that happening at this point. That’s especially true his role as a coach on The Voice already takes up so much time.

“As soon as the leash gives me a little slack from The Voice, I’m going straight back into touring,” Blake says. “I can’t see myself going from The Voice into more television. I think there will at least be a break there.”

On the music front, Blake’s new single, “Sure Be Cool if You Did,” will be featured on Blake’s upcoming album, Based on a True Story…, due out March 26.

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