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Randy Houser plans to be heavily involved in his son West‘s life, but he won’t be overly strict with the boy.  Randy was given a lot of leeway growing up in Mississippi, which allowed him make his own mistakes.

Randy tells TheBoot.com, “I think the fact that I wasn’t told what not to do all the time — my spirit kind of told me things that I shouldn’t — I got to develop on my own.  It’s part of your common sense.”

Randy wants the same for his son, who is almost a year old.

“Until he just really starts messing up, I’m going to let him have some pretty good freedom,” Randy says.  “But I will get on his butt if I have to.  You have to be a daddy too.”

Randy hopes to add a second bus to his tour soon so he can bring West and his wife Jessa on the road with him.

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