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(LOS ANGELES) — Some of the Los Angeles Police Department officers who were in hiding while Christopher Dorner was on the loose spoke out Tuesday for the first time since the ordeal.

LAPD Captain Phil Tingirides and his wife Sergeant Emada Tingirides were at the top of Dorner’s hit list.

“After the first day we shut the TV off,” Phil Tingirides said at a press conference Tuesday. “So we had no television because the information coming in was kind of overwhelming for the kids and we could see the fear growing.”

They said that they tried to be general when they told their six young children what was happening. But then the kids began seeing things on their phones.

“My 10-year-old was able to ask me by the end of the day, ‘Was the family that was killed down the street from us the same man who is hunting us down?’” Emada Tingirides said.

Emada Tingirides and her husband say they would go out to the garage to cry so their children wouldn’t see them break down.

In a manifesto, Dorner, who was killed during a standoff with police last Tuesday, accused the LAPD of racism and said that he was fired because his sergeant lied.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck vowed Tuesday that the probe into Dorner’s 2009 firing will continue and will be transparent.

There are some in Los Angeles who say Dorner’s case highlights wrongdoing within the department.

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