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Over the past few months, Taylor Swift has graced the covers of any number of major fashion magazines — from Glamour and Vogue, to Allure and Cosmopolitan — and displaying a different look and style on each of those covers.  She’s currently starring on the cover of the March issue of Elle, rocking yet another look…and Taylor says doing all these magazine shoots is one of the perks of her already-fabulous job.

“It’s a blast,” Taylor says of photo shoots — even with all the poking and prodding she has to endure while being styled and made up in dozens of different looks. 

“After a while, you just let the makeup and hair people do what they do,” she tells ABC News Radio.  “And even if you’re like, ‘Wow, guys, I really, usually don’t wear this much eye make-up,’ you just let them do what they do because you trust them.  It’s fun to get all glammed up.”

Off magazine covers and in the real world, Taylor’s been sporting a more sophisticated look lately.  “I’m really wearing lots of Ralph Lauren stuff,” she tells ABC News Radio.  “I just kinda like to dress up for lots of things even when I’m dressed down.  I kinda like to make it look a little bit classic, and that’s a phase I’m going through.  Because I’ve just gone through so many phases!”

Pointing out that she’s already been through her “sundress and cowboy boots phase” and her “really curly hair phase,” Taylor explains, “I go through phases just like everybody else, and it’s fun to play around with fashion.”   

And when she plays around, her fans get to do it too: many of them enjoying show up at Taylor’s concerts dressed like her.  We’ll see if this time around, her fans are sporting bright red lips, high-waisted shorts, polka-dots and little blouses when they attend her Red Tour, which kicks off next month.

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