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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill certainly have the means to buy each other over-the-top Valentine’s Day gifts this year, but that’s not really the couple’s personal style.

“I think small things are a big thing to us,” Tim tells ABC News Radio.  “I think ’cause outside of our personal life, everything is so in the spotlight and sort of magnified so much.  For us, small things are more important, are really what makes our life turn.”

Those small moments in their relationship often revolve around their three daughters, who are growing up fast.

Tim says, “It really is about waking up in the morning, being with your kids and having breakfast.  Driving them to school.  Talking about your day at the end of the day at dinner.  Those kinds of things.”

Of course, Tim and Faith are creating big moments on stage for their fans with their Soul 2 Soul shows at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  They’re playing four shows there this weekend.

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