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(LOS ANGELES) — Police officers across Southern California are on the defensive and scaling back their public exposure, no longer responding to “barking-dog calls” they’re donning tactical gear outside police stations, as former cop-turned-alleged-gunman Christopher Dorner, armed and apparently on the hunt for cops, remains at large.

Dorner is suspected of killing one cop and two civilians during a rampage that began Sunday, injuring two other officers along the way.

“The person we suspect of doing this is mobile, and with California’s interstate highway system, every hour that goes by that’s another 60 or 70 or 80 miles or greater circumference, it is a very wide net,” Chief of Police Sergio Diaz of the Riverside Police Department said.

“We’ve made certain modifications of our deployments, our deviations [Thursday] and I want to leave it at that, and also to our responses. We are concentrating on calls for service that are of a high priority, threats to public safety, we’re not going to go on barking-dog calls [Thursday],” Diaz said.

Sgt. Rudy Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department said Dorner is “believed to be armed and extremely dangerous.”

Police have also put Dorner’s license plate number and car description on highway signs, although they warn Dorner might have changed his license plate.

A former Los Angeles police officer and Navy reservist, Dorner released an online manifesto before the shooting saying that he was targeting law enforcement and would be hard to capture because of his knowledge of police tactics.

The Los Angeles Police Department has sent dozens of patrols to guard specific targets named in Dorner’s manifesto, which cops say he posted online.

Dorner wrote a long letter posted to his Facebook page in which he explained that he had been wrongly fired from the Los Angeles Police Department and would take revenge on those who he believed wronged him.  

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