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Tim McGraw discussed his decision to quit drinking during an appearance Wednesday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that also included a performance of “One of Those Nights” from his new album Two Lanes of Freedom.

Tim said this May will mark his fifth anniversary of being sober. 

He told Jay he decided to quit drinking because it got to a point where he thought “it was disruptive” to his life.

Tim admitted that he still feels like he misses the drinking sometimes, but he believes he’s much better now without it.

As for how he manages to stay on the wagon, Tim told Jay, “You just have to stay focused and routines are good for me. I like routines, but I think ultimately, you have to make the decision that you want to get more out of life.”

Tim says there wasn’t one incident in particular that made him stop, “there was probably twenty-something years of incidents” and he finally got to the breaking point.

Tim told Jay he decided to learn how to text because his wife, Faith Hill, could tell when he was drinking when he called her on the phone.  Tim joked that when he “started slurring my text it was time to quit drinking.”

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