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Reba has been an open book with her fans for decades now, so it’s no wonder she’s comfortable playing what is pretty much a version of herself on her new show Malibu Country.  Reba stopped by Good Morning America Monday to chat about her role as single mom Reba Mackenzie saying, “What you see is what you get.  I am pretty much that character.  I try to raise my kids right.  I try to discipline ’em, just like in real life.”

Reba’s on-screen relationship with Lily Tomlin, who plays her character’s mother Lillie Mae, also mirrors Reba’s relationship with her real-life mom Jackie.

“We were buddies, best friends, and that’s the way we are on the TV show,” Reba says of that mother-daughter dynamic. As for working with Lily, Reba says, “She’s wonderful to work with.  To hang out with.  I just love it.”

Malibu Country airs Friday nights at 8:30 Eastern time on ABC.

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