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It seems like Kenny Chesney‘s world keeps getting smaller and smaller judging by his recent album titles.  His last project, Welcome to the Fishbowl, was named for a song all about having to deal with people in your business via Facebook or, in Kenny’s case, through the tabloids.  Now he’s turning his focus back to the small town ways of the people on an island with his new album, Life on a Rock, due out April 30.

Kenny wrote eight of the 10 songs on the album, and the project celebrates the friends he has made living in the Caribbean for the past few years.  Those people may be boatmen, bartenders, waitresses or real estate agents, but they all welcomed Kenny into their unhurried way of life.

He says, “They took a country singer from East Tennessee into their tribe at a time when having friends outside everything I knew was important. Time passes, life moves on, but those friends lasted, and this album in a lot of ways is about the power of that kind of friendship to endure.”

The first single from Life on a Rock is “Pirate Flag.”  The new project also includes a collaboration with Willie Nelson and was recorded everywhere from Jamaica to London to Hawaii to Nashville to Key West.

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