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Kelly Clarkson‘s career has certainly been flying high in the past year, but now she can literally say that she herself is doing so…because she’s learning how to be a pilot.

“I just had my first flight lesson!” Kelly tweeted.  “I literally flew a plane!! I was completely terrified at first but now I’m hooked!!”  When her instructor tweeted that she’d “done great,” she replied, “what a rad day! Can’t wait for my next lesson :).”

While most of her fans were delighted at the news, and asked Kelly to come and pick them up, or to fly herself to their town for a gig, another fan seemed to be upset at the idea of her favorite singer soaring off into the wild blue yonder.

“Please Kelly. No flying planes. It is so dangerous,” tweeted the fan.  “Your fans need you for at least another 70 years!!!!!”

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