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Over the summer, when Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy, there were numerous reports saying that she had purchased a home next to his family’s compound in Hyannisport, Mass.  Then, when she dated Harry Styles of One Direction, there were reports that she was looking to buy a house near his family’s in England.  Well, Taylor wants you to know that she’s not in the habit of buying real estate near every cute guy who smiles at her.

Appearing this past week on the Spanish TV show El Hormiguero — which means The Anthill — Taylor was asked to reveal the biggest rumor or lie that’s been reported about her.  “OK, well, people say that I’m buying houses all the time that I’m not buying,” she laughed. “It’s like…every time the press thinks I like a guy they say I’m buying a house next to them.”

She added, “And also they think they know what I’m getting people for Christmas, which they don’t.”  That was likely a reference to a report that Taylor spent $80,000 purchasing Beatles memorabilia for her then-boyfriend, Harry.

“I was thinking when I saw that rumor that if they actually got it right I would be so sad because they would have blown my Christmas present!” laughed Taylor. “But they were all wrong.”

Explaining how she handles the constant stream of rumors, Taylor said, “I had to stop reading any gossipy article written about me for the last two years, because it would hurt my feelings that so much of it was not true. So what I had to kinda do was just realize that’s not me, that’s someone else. They’re writing about a character, because none of those people know me.”‘

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