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(WYNDHAM, N.Y.) — Noah Arthurs is clearly a young man of many talents.

While visiting a friend’s condo in Wyndham, N.Y., he successfully completed a Rubik’s cube behind his back while skiing downhill.

“I was skiing with some friends and they always like to poke me about my Rubik’s cube solving, and one of them was like, ‘You should solve it while skiing,’” Arthurs told ABC News. “I like doing it blindfolded so much so I decided to give it a shot.”

He said he knew he would get it right, though it took him three attempts.

“It was a pretty good feeling. I knew I’d get it eventually. Honestly the hardest part was how cold my fingers were,” he said.

Not to mention that Arthurs’ first two attempts were on a much more difficult double-black-diamond course.

“The first two tries were off by just a few pieces,” he said.

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Arthurs first started learning how to solve Rubik’s cubes about four years ago using the “beginner’s method,” which he says is the easiest way to learn. From there, he says his talent grew. (Rubik’s cube, if you’ve never tried it, is the handheld 3-D puzzle that can be maddeningly difficult to solve.)

“Two years ago I started learning how to solve it faster, using methods that were less straightforward. About a year ago I learned how to solve it blindfolded. I had known about competitions where people solve it blindfolded so I decided to give that a try,” he explained.

His efforts have earned him international recognition at Rubik’s cube competitions.

“I’m 20th in the world in the blindfolded solving,” said Arthurs.

Arthurs has also practiced solving the Rubik’s cube one-handed and with his feet.

But as far as making any new attempts to solve the cube while performing another stunt at the same time, his answer was “maybe.”

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