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During last Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, co-host Tina Fey got big laughs when she announced on stage, “You know what, Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J. Fox‘s son.”  Well, it turns out that Fox would prefer Taylor stay away from his son as well.

Asked by New York magazine if he’d approve of a romance between Taylor and his 23-year-old son, Sam — who was at the awards show because he was serving as this year’s “Mr. Golden Globe” — Fox responded, “No, no,…just back off.”  It seems as though the beloved Back to the Future star is concerned about how Taylor’s favorite post-breakup activity would affect his son.

“I don’t keep up with it at all, but Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right?” he asked New York magazine.  “What a way to build a career.”  He says that if Sam brought Taylor home for dinner, he “wouldn’t even know who she was,” but says that if he heard the breakup song later, he’d probably realize then what just happened.

“Yeah, exactly,” he said, imagining a future song title: “‘Sam, You Piece of S**t’…oh, that was the girl you brought home!”

Taylor was at the Golden Globes because she was nominated for Best Original Song, an award she lost to Adele.   The camera did not cut to her after Tina’s joke, so we don’t know how she felt about the dig.

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