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Dierks Bentley and his beloved dog Jake have been inseparable since they were reunited Monday morning. Dierks even had Jake with him at a Nashville rehearsal space as he gave members of the media a preview of his new live show, and the dog got just as much, if not more, attention as Dierks himself. After his performance, Dierks filled in a few details on how Jake went missing Sunday night.  

It seems Jake doesn’t like to be alone during thunderstorms, and he hopped the fence in Dierks’ backyard Sunday night as a storm moved into Nashville. Dierks was headed to tour rehearsals with Miranda Lambert that night when his wife called to tell him Jake was missing.

“I got down there hoping I’d get a phone call that they’d found him, and they hadn’t,” Dierks says. “Of course, being around Miranda and all her thousands of animals backstage, I couldn’t take it. So, I left and started driving around at 5.”

Dierks drove around until 1 in the morning looking for his dog while posting about it all on Facebook and Twitter. The temperature had dropped to around 30 degrees that night in Nashville, and Dierks had put the wrong collar on Jake that day, which meant Jake had no identification.

While Dierks and several of his friends were looking for Jake, a nurse practitioner in Nashville spotted Dierk’s pup in a busy intersection about to be struck by a car. Since the woman’s own dog had previously been hit by a car, she was compelled to get out and take Jake home with her.

Dierks says, “It all came down to just the right person at the right time.” He adds, “While I was driving around every neighborhood along with everybody else, he was probably chilling out on her couch getting a lot of attention.”

The next morning, the woman took Jake to the vet, but they couldn’t find his embedded identification chip. That’s where the power of social media came in to save the day.

Dierks says of the staff at the vet’s office, “Luckily through Facebook they had heard that I was missing my dog, and they’re like, ‘Oh, I think that’s Jake.'”

Dierks also commented that his Grammy-nominated hit “Home” has even more meaning for him now that his best friend is safe and sound.

On the tour front, Dierks hits the road on the Locked & Reloaded tour with Miranda Lambert Thursday in Columbia, SC.

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