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Tim McGraw has sold more than 40 million albums, so he’s obviously struck a big chord with music fans over the years.  Since he mostly records songs written by others, Tim has mastered the art of communicating those song lyrics directly to the listener.  Reaching that level of interpretation requires a certain atmosphere in the recording studio.

“I like it to be dark in the studio when I’m doing vocals,” Tim tells Billboard.  “I don’t have any lyrics to look at, and I try to picture me sitting there on a bar stool right across from somebody, me just talking to them, trying to get a message across.”

Tim hopes to communicate his own feelings in his songs, but he has an even bigger goal in mind though.

Tim says, “The real key, I think, is telling somebody else how they feel.  Even better is if you can tell them how they feel and they didn’t even know they felt that way until they heard that song.”

Tim’s latest hit, “One of Those Nights,” is featured on his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, due out February 5.

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