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Newcomer Kacey Musgraves grew up in the small East Texas town of Mineola, so she knows first-hand the small town mentality she sings about in her debut single, “Merry Go Round.”  It’s not that her family had a lot of turmoil like the one she sings about in the song though.

“My parents are still together.  I’ve got a little sister.  My grandparents are still together,” Kacey tells ABC News Radio.  “Everyone’s always supported me and really helped me chase my dreams, I guess you could say.”

Kacey’s dream of moving to Nashville and launching a music career came true a few years ago.  It wasn’t until she got to Music City that she began to realize the way people back home covered up their problems or indiscretions.  That’s the way of life she sings about in “Merry Go Round.”

“Everyone wants to make it look like they’re perfect and happy, and that’s just not true,” Kacey tells ABC News Radio.

Keeping up those appearances usually goes hand in hand with a fear of leaving the comfort of a small town’s familiar surroundings too.  Speaking of that fear of change, Kacey says, “I think it makes people settle a lot of times.  And then people end up resenting that, making bad decisions later.  It’s just this whole cycle.”

That cycle is passed down from generation to generation as well.

“You learn how to act from your parents and what they do to you,” says Kacey.  “It’s this whole, literally, not to be cliché, but it is a merry go round.  It’s a circle.  It all comes back around.”

Kacey will be performing “Merry Go Round” on Little Big Town‘s Tornado tour starting January 31 in Murray, KY.  She’s also hitting the road with Kenny Chesney‘s No Shoes Nation tour in March.

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