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Lee Brice‘s son Takoda has a lot of cars and trucks on his Christmas list this year. The young boy even dreams of monster truck parties, which confused Lee at first. He thought Takoda might have been referring to his daddy’s song “Parking Lot Party” at first. Then Lee’s friend who puts on monster truck rallies invited him to one of their events near Nashville.

Lee says, “I jumped straight in my truck. I happened to be home. Went and grabbed him and [my wife] Sara and we drove out to way south of town. Went and saw, sat down and saw those monster trucks. You know, and he was just beside himself.”

Lee and his wife and son got to ride around in the monster trucks too, and Takoda told his parents, “Now, that’s a monster truck party.”

Lee sings about a simpler vehicle in his new single, “I Drive Your Truck.” The moving ballad is included on Lee’s latest album, Hard 2 Love, in stores now.

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