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Reba‘s new sitcom, Malibu Country, doesn’t shy away from tackling gay issues. In fact, it features several gay characters, including Jai Rodriguez‘s music industry assistant role. Reba’s daughter on the show has a gay male friend named Sage, with who she sometimes makes out, and a lesbian friend named Lily, who hasn’t been seen on camera yet.

In an interview with The Advocate, Reba was asked if the show would have this much gay-friendly content if it was set in Nashville instead of Los Angeles. She feels the show’s location is irrelevant to that point, saying, “I’ve got a huge gay following, and they’ve always been very supportive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t any difference between Nashville and L.A.”

Malibu Country has been picked up for an additional five episodes this season. It airs Friday night at 8:30 ET on ABC.

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