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Randy Houser‘s career is heating up again lately thanks to his latest hit “How Country Feels.”  A hit single often means more time out on the road playing shows.  Randy used to live for playing concerts, but now his loyalties are split since he and wife Jessa welcomed their son West earlier this year.

“This the first time in my career that it’s been hard to leave home,” Randy tells ABC News Radio.  “I’ve never had anything I just didn’t want to leave.  My wife and little boy are where it’s at for me, you know?”

That love of home doesn’t mean Randy is slowing down on the road at all though.  In fact, he still feels a big need to go out and play music for his fans.

Randy explains, “That’s a huge part of who I am.  Without that, I can’t be who I am at home.  And without my home life, I can’t be who I am.”

Having his music on the road and his family at home is the perfect combination for Randy.

“It’s amazing to watch the two come together, and how much I need both to make the other one balance out to where it’s not completely consuming,” he says.

Randy will get to stay close to home when he plays the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Tuesday night.

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