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(SPRINGFIELD, Mo.) — A Missouri woman was arrested in a murder-for-hire scheme after she allegedly paid an undercover police officer $200 and gave him the keys to a Jeep in exchange for killing her boyfriend’s ex-wife, according to Springfield police.

Diane Elaine Greer, 47, of Nixa, Mo., admitted her involvement, according to a probable cause statement from the Springfield Police Department, but said it was her boyfriend who wanted his ex-wife dead, because she would “never leave him alone.”

Greer also told police she believed there was a financial motive for the hit, according to the statement.

Thomas was arrested on Nov. 2 on unrelated charges. While he was in jail, police say Greer decided to proceed with the plan to kill his ex-wife, telling a friend that her boyfriend’s incarceration would provide him the perfect alibi for murder. Police say they were tipped off by the friend.

On Nov. 9, an undercover officer met with Greer and agreed to carry out the hit. Police said the officer was given a $200 cash deposit, some musical equipment, a butcher knife to carry out the killing, and a key to a Jeep, which he would be able to take after the murder.

The target of the plot, who is identified by the initials C.T. in a police statement, met with authorities on Nov. 13 to be staged with make-up to make it appear as if her throat had been slashed. Photographs of her appearing to be dead were shown to Greer the next day, who, police said, thanked the undercover officer for carrying out the killing.

In the days after she believed C.T. had been murdered, authorities gathered more evidence as Greer told her friend, who was working with police, that she was concerned because she had not seen C.T.’s obituary.

On Tuesday, Greer was summoned to police headquarters, where she was interviewed and “attempted to act surprised” when shown the staged photos of her boyfriend’s ex-wife dead.

After she denied her involvement, the undercover officer who she believed carried out the hit, walked into the room.

“Greer put her head down and admitted she knew who he was,” police said.

Greer is being charged with assault in the first degree and is being held without bond.

Thomas is not being charged at this time, a police spokesperson told ABC News.

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