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Since most country stars are either from the south or live there now, you can bet home cooked meals play a huge role in their Thanksgiving celebrations.  Carrie Underwood is one of the stars cooking up a feast in her kitchen this Thanksgiving. She’s inviting a bunch of her friends over to join her and husband Mike Fisher at home in Nashville for the holiday.

She says, “There’s a lot of us that don’t have a whole lot of family that live nearby, so it’s kind of a bunch of family-less people hanging out together eating and cooking and drinking wine and just having a good time.”

For the members of Rascal Flatts, Thanksgiving is all about those home-cooked delicacies like lead singer Gary LeVox‘s mother’s lumpy mashed potatoes and his wife’s corn casserole.  His band mate Joe Don Rooney is a fan of green bean casserole and ham and turkey at Thanksgiving, and the Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus swears by his grandmother’s macaroni and cheese recipe.

Jay tells ABC News Radio, “It doesn’t have that thick hard layer on top of it.  It’s creamy all the way through, so you don’t have to deal with that burnt sort of top layer of cheese.  It’s creamy all the way.”

Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard calls his grandmother’s sweet potato casserole his “jam” on Thanksgiving.  He tells ABC News Radio, “I love it all.  You know, green beans, macaroni and cheese and all that, but, man, that sweet potato casserole that my nanny makes, it’s what I look forward to all year.”

Justin Moore‘s family keeps things pretty simple when it comes to their Thanksgiving fare with turkey and dressing on the table.  He says, “The dressing, I think is, to us, more important than the turkey.  We’ve got a family recipe that’s, to us, really, really good.”

Jana Kramer loves getting back home to her grandparents’ house on Thanksgiving thanks in large part to the food.

“My favorite things to eat at Thanksgiving when I’m home is my grandpa’s stuffing ’cause it’s so good,” Jana says.  “And then I have one of my favorite deserts, which is made by my grandma, and it is pumpkin pie.  Yum!”

Hunter Hayes heads down south to see his family in Louisiana on Thanksgiving each year.  Both of his grandmothers are masters in the kitchen, and he says, “One in particular will cook for days for this meal, and it is epic.  My grandmother goes all out.  She cooks the best — she cooks everything under the sun.” 

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