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Tim McGraw will be performing his new single, “One of Those Nights,” when he starts his run of shows with Faith Hill next month in Las Vegas.  There will be fans of all ages in the audience, and Tim thinks “One of Those Nights” has something in it for everyone regardless of where they are in life.

He says, “No matter if you’re 60 or if you’re 16, you sort of can relate to that song.”

“One of Those Nights” exists in a sort of lyrical time warp with the verses describing a guy’s small, yet memorable moments with a significant other.  The chorus goes on to predict those moments will be the ones that guy remembers for the rest of his life.

“I think it’s just one of those songs that really puts you in a time and place,” Tim explains, “and everybody sorts of creates their own video to that song when they hear it.”

“One of Those Nights” will be included on Tim’s upcoming album, Two Lanes of Freedom, due out February 5.

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