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The second season of Trisha Yearwood‘s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen is now airing on the Food Network, and you may notice a light blue color theme running throughout the show. That’s her favorite color right now, and it even spills over into her household appliance choices.

Trisha tells ABC News Radio, “The robin’s egg Martha Stewart blue Kitchen Aid mixer is my new favorite thing. We use it in the show.”

Trisha actually fell in love with that mixer over the summer and wanted to add it to her collection. Her hubby Garth Brooks talked her out of making the purchase saying, “Do you really need another mixer?”

“We never have that conversation,” Trisha says. “It’s like, if you want it, go buy it. But he really made me feel like, ‘Seriously, are you telling me not to buy a mixer?'”

Trisha didn’t get the mixer then, but she figured it would look great on the light blue set of her cooking show. She reasoned that if they used it on the show and it just happened to go home with her, it would then be a gift from the show’s producers. She says with a laugh, “So, I took it home with me.”

Trisha moved production of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen from Nashville to the Tulsa, OK area for season two. They opted to shoot in a house just down the road from Trisha and Garth’s place instead of shooting in their home.

Says Trisha, “It was perfect. I could go to work every day basically not very far from home and then go home at night and not have everybody in my house.”

Fans who watched the first season of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen will see familiar faces like her sister Beth and Uncle Wilson back for the new batch of shows. Since this season airs in the fall and winter, Trisha didn’t have trouble coming up with themes for holiday-themed shows for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“It wasn’t too hard,”  she says. “I had sort of sat down after season one and written down a list of 10 or 12 things that I thought would be good show ideas. So, that’s kind of where we started.” 

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen airs Saturday mornings at 11 Eastern time on the Food Network.

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