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Tuesday is Election Day, and a few country stars are encouraging their fans to get out the vote.

— One of the format’s most politically-minded stars, Tim McGraw, reminds his fans that people have fought and died to protect Americans’ right to vote.

He says, “That’s what makes America great, we get to choose our leaders.  Vote.  Period.  No matter what you believe, vote.”

Tim adds, “You can’t bitch about it if you don’t vote.”

— Lee Brice isn’t one to broadcast his political beliefs, but he does discuss the election with his wife Sarah quite a bit at home.  He hopes Americans will get out and make up their own mind about which way to vote Tuesday.

“I do think we’re at a place that big things are about to happen,” Lee says, “and hopefully everything turns out like it should, you know.”

— Darius Rucker has been following the race for the White House closely, but he’s not happy with what he sees from the campaigns and the candidates

“I’m at the point now where I’m just ready for it to be over ’cause it gets so nasty at some point.  It gets so uncivil,” Darius explains.

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