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Taylor Swift graces the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, and inside, she talks about do’s and don’ts of dating her, and what she’s learned from her many busted romances.  But she also reveals that there’s one thing she can imagine pursing that would be as exciting for her as music: motherhood.

“Being a mom full time, doing everything for my kids, having a bunch of them,” she tells Cosmopolitan.  “One day, I’m sure.  But that’s the only other thing that could be as thrilling for me as doing this.”

As for relationships, Taylor explains what she simply won’t tolerate.  “I can’t deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you,” she says.  “It’s a conscious thing: it’s a common-sense thing…I just don’t ever want to end up in a relationship that isn’t fair ever again.”

The singer also says that when it comes to a guy, she needs “that unexplainable spark.”  She explains, “I just need to see someone and feel ‘Oh, no, uh-oh.’  It’s only happened a few times in my life, but I feel like if I was gonna be with someone forever, it would be because I saw them and I thought, ‘Oh, no.’

She also reveals that she’s “learned when to get out” of bad relationships, adding, “I’ve never wasted too much time with the wrong person and that’s one thing I’m proud of.”  How did she learn that?  Taylor reveals, “I’ve had a lot of dark and twisty situations happen, enough to realize that when someone exhibits signs of evoking a dark and twisty relationship and dark and twisty feelings, it’s not interesting to me.”

By the way, the cover of Cosmopolitan touts Taylor as “Crazy for a Kennedy.”  Too bad she and her boyfriend Conor Kennedy reportedly just broke up.

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