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Brantley Gilbert can afford pretty much any car he wants these days, so it may surprise you to learn he’s a little upset about a guy wanting him to pay $12,000 for a vintage 1968 Mercury Cougar.  That’s because Brantley sold that same car to the guy six or seven years ago for just $4,000.

At the time, Brantley was really hard up for the cash.  He says, “We went flat broke and needed some equipment. We got rained on and we didn’t have insurance on anything.”

So even though Brantley loved the Cougar, he sold it.  At the time, the buyer told him he could buy it back from him when he got the $4,000, but of course, now that Brantley’s a country star, the guy’s seeing dollar signs and wants to take advantage of the situation.

Though he could just pay the guy $12,000 and be done with the whole transaction, it’s the principle of the thing. As Brantley says, “I am not going to pay him that much! He’s going to have to come down.”

As he waits to see what happens with the Cougar, Brantley will be riding his tour bus to get to his shows in Iowa and Illinois this weekend.

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