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Taylor Swift is featured on Entertainment Tonight all this week as part of the launch of her new album, Red, now in stores. The album — and the tour she plans to do next year in support of it — are sure to bring in many millions of dollars for Taylor, but as she tells ET, you won’t find her burning through her money like some celebrities do.

“I save it, I invest it, I try to be smart about it,” Taylor tells ET about her approach to managing her millions. “I was raised by a financial adviser.  My dad’s like a stock broker, so he’s always been like, ‘Save your money! Don’t be stupid about it!’…It’s not something that’s always going to be there if you [aren’t] smart about it.”

In addition to her Entertainment Tonight appearances, Taylor is also slated to perform on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman, ABC’s The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, among other stops. Check out TaylorSwift.com for a full list of her appearances.

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